Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Meet MopTopMaven!

Name: Melanie

Craft: marvelous handcrafted hair accessories

Etsy Store: MopTopMaven

How long have you been in business? opened Etsy shop in July 2009

How did you get started? My daughter finally had enough hair to use clippies, but I wanted something more unique than what I saw in stores. I created woven ribbon snap clips for her and she got so many unsolicited compliments. Then a friend asked if I could amkes ome for her...

Do you have formal training? I come from a long line of talented, creative women on both sides of my family - between the genes and watching them I was bound to join their ranks!

What's the best part of having an Etsy store? My daughter can wear only so many clips, so this lets me share the rest of my creative designs!

What surprised you about having your own business? How much I enjoy the networking, and how I've learned to be more forthcoming in promoting my own work.

How would you describe your style? Adaptable - what I may like may not be your style, so I try to offer pieces that will appeal to a range of styles - from simply stated solid colors to bold, bright and whimsical to ultra-girlie, to more mature...

What one item should everyone see in your store? The Ivory and Black Floral Buttons Woven Ribbon Snap Clips are beautiful and unique, and my favorite part? The fabric covered buttons were created by a fellow Etsian!

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