Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Meet WeddingMonograms

Name: Rebekah

Craft: Graphic Design

Etsy Store:

How long have you been in business? Since June 11th 2009

How did you get started? A few friends on the Project Wedding brides forums asked me to make monograms for them and I found I really enjoyed it. I decided to create my little etsy shop and I've been having fun with it ever since.

Do you have formal training? Some college courses in color theory, fine art and graphics design

What's the best part of having an Etsy store? Getting so many hits in one day. Its way better than trying to attract traffic to another website.

What surprised you about having your own business? I was really surprised how much I enjoyed interacting with my customers. I'm not normally a people person.

How would you describe your style? Vintage Elegance.

What one item should everyone see in your store? This is my favorite monogram:

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