Friday, August 26, 2011

Member Feature: The Pink Lobster

Tell us a little about your shop.
I had made a few key fobs for people as gifts, and they requested to give some as gifts. After a little searching I realized there weren't many in the "genre" that I was aiming for, so I decided to give it a try on Etsy.

What brought you to etsy?
I love I've purchased a lot of gifts and things for myself. It seemed like a natural progression for me.

How long have you been crafting?
As long as I can remember! I loved arts and crafts as a child and even when life gets busy, I try to steal away to get some time in. While planning my wedding I did A LOT of the projects myself and really enjoyed how much everyone else enjoyed everything!

What is your favorite item in your shop right now?
Hmm, probably the pink lobster on yellow ribbon fob. It's light, it's fun and obviously I love pink lobsters!

What is your "day job?"
I am a litigation paralegal. Very busy, fast paced, high stress environment but I love it.

Where do you find inspiration?
The beach! Anything beach related, I love. I grew up at the beach, it's my favorite place to go to relax and anything that says beach life I love.

What is one thing you wish you could do better?
Knit and crochet. I can knit, although I'd say i'm at a beginner level. I would love to learn to crochet.

What is one crafting tool you couldn't live without?
A good pair of fabric scissors.

What is your favorite book/movie/song?
I have way to many favorite books to even pick one. Movie: The Quiz Show or The Notebook. Song: currently You Lie by The Band Perry

Where else can we find you?
For right now... just on etsy.


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