Sunday, August 15, 2010

Team Interview- Product Packaging

A common topic I see on the etsy forums is about packaging. Some sellers like to package their products like a special gift, even going so far as to include a photo of their packaging in their listing, while others want to keep it minimal, yet ensure the product arrives without damage.
Q: What is your take on packaging? Describe how you package your products, and include a photo if you have one.
MadasPlace and MadasPlaceBaby- As far as packaging goes- I try to keep it neat but inexpensive. I've discovered that business cards are pretty versatile when it comes to packaging my items. I use them as cards for pacifier clips and toppers for the pacifier clip packaging.

I also use them as hang tags and care labels for other products. It's a great chance to further expand on branding, and since many of my items are gifted, it's a great way to ensure that my info gets passed along. Vistaprint's free business card offers really make it affordable for me to use business cards in this manner. I picked up an itty bitty hole punch at the craft store and ordered a tagger on eBay for around $5.

As far as packaging the entire order goes, I chose a cute printed tissue wrap that coordinates with my shop's branding. I use it to wrap the items, and then seal it with a sticker with my shop name on it. The stickers are simply address labels from Vistaprint. I've also had postcards printed up that say "Thanks for ordering" and have info for my Facebook fanpage and both shop addresses.
WeddingMonograms- When I package my invitation suites for mailing I usually wrap them in bubble wrap to keep them clean and prevent damage during shipping, and I always mail out in a priority flat rate boxes. I don't do anything fancy with packaging since my target audience is budget brides. If they are anything like me they prefer less "Froof" but enjoy the cheaper price on my items. I do include a short letter with each item I mail out thanking my customer for their purchase. Eventually I hope to include a few business cards with each order too.
JessicaRaeJewellery- I use business cards as product cards and most of my pieces will fit onto one - if it doesnt I still include one. I wrap the piece with blue tissue paper and seal with an address label sized sticker with my logo on it. If there are multiple pieces to an order I will use a low adhesive label and label the back of each piece so if the person receiving the items wants to give them as gifts they don't need to tear open the packaging to see which one is for who!
Everything goes out in bubble mailers and if needed I slip in an extra piece of cardboard for protection :)
FourHarpDesigns- I always like when I received packages that look like someone took the time to make them special. Although most of my sales are digital files, when I do send out prints I try to make them look nice. I place the prints in clear cellophane bags sealed with a sticker that says "thank you!". I mail them in flat rate boxes and if there is wiggle room in the box, I will pack it with filler to protect the prints and envelopes.
ProstTotheHost- I wrap all my poms in tissue paper and sealed with a gold seal sticker, so when you receive it, it is like a present. Each package gets a clear bag of "goodies": instructions for pom fluffing, monofilament, a thank you, my business card and sometimes a freebie (1 in button or something).
BellaMiaBowsnThings- I pretty much do the same thing as everyone else. The cards I use are usually postcards or business cards from vistaprint depending on the size of the hair accessory...for headbands I use plain white headband holders (like those you see in the store with the holes) and I put a sticker (vistaprint address label) over it.

Then I usually wrap it all in coordinating tissue paper and then seal that with a vistaprint address label that has my store name and my website site on it. I also enclose a business card, a thank you card, sometimes a coupon for a percentage off their next visit or a freebie (usually a clippie or a set of blank handmade cards).
BlushPrintables- The majority of my sales are sent digitally, but I take special care to package my printed goods. I package everything in an ivory merchandise bag that I print my logo on. Prints are slipped inside the bag, and depending on what I am shipping, either a flat envelope or a flat rate box. I always make sure to include a hand written thank you note, too!

mary*mule- I wrap everything in a piece of of tissue paper, and secure it with a piece of scrap fabric that I tie around it. I also tuck a business card or two under the ribbon. I also include a postcard with a coupon code for a future purchase. I upcycle cereal boxes into mailing envelopes (inside out) and mail everything in those. Since they are free, it really cuts down on shipping costs. My mom even saves cereal boxes for me now!

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