Sunday, August 29, 2010

Team Interview- Advertising and Shop Promotion

Q: How do you advertise/promote for your shop? What has, and has not worked for you?

GoAgainstTheGrain- I have a twitter account and FB page for my shop both of which I think help me a lot, with twitter by far being the best so far.
I used to participate in the showcases on etsy, but that only yielded a few shop hearts. So I stopped spending money on it. I follow a lot of blogs and I make sure I comment on posts, leave my info, etc.
I've recently started collaborating with some other designers and blogs on things to help get my name out, hoping that helps!
BlushPrintables- Twitter has been incredibly invaluable as far as promoting and advertising goes. It's connected me to some fabulous party planners who endorse my work, and have connected me with other party planners & designers. I've worked on several collaboration projects as a result, and have really gotten my name out there. I have more sales through email requests than I do through etsy!
A lot of work, too, has been through networking. I've worked with several party planners who have recommended my services to other planners, and it was like a domino effect from there. I won't lie, it's pretty damn cool to see your work on tv and on The Hostess Blog.
I second the word of mouth. I've had so many repeat customers, and those same clients have recommended me to their friends and family. A lot of clients have tweeted about me or posted their projects using my printables on their blogs endorsing my services, and I've gotten a lot of customers from that. It's pretty cool to get an email from someone saying, "I saw your work on such and such blog and wanted to know if you could make ____ for me!"
Bowrene- Word of mouth and repeat business has been huge for me. I send business cards with all of my orders so that those who have worked with me before can find me again and also pass on the word to their friends. Facebook has been somewhat helpful, but as others have said, twitter brings me a lot of traffic!
JessicaRaeJewellry- I use facebook and word of mouth - Facebook for me has been amazing!!!! I would say that 90% or more of my business is done via my fan page!
FourHarpdesigns- I'm on Facebook and Twitter but get far more traffic from Facebook. As we get closer to the holidays I'm going to try running a FB ad to see if that brings any more traffic for holiday cards.
I recently had a $100 coupon towards Google Adwords so I tried running ads there. I did get quite a bit of traffic from it but no sales. I have my customers fill out an online form to give all the info for their photo cards and in that form I ask how they found my shop. About 95% are simply Etsy searches (the others are word of mouth) so I really focus on making sure my items are tagged well and that the main gallery image gives a good glimpse as to what the design looks like.
SwishDesigns- almost all of my business is word of mouth, google searches, a few etsy searches, and party site referrals.

BellePapillonDesigns- For me, it's pretty much all word of mouth! I do a little bit of posting on Facebook, but most of my business comes from a Mommies group that I am affiliated with. Up until now, I've been extremely busy just working on their projects, so there's been no need (or time!) for any outside advertising!
Mary*Mule- I promote through my FB page and word of mouth mostly. My mom and sister have several of my products and they also keep my business cards handy. So if someone comments on their purse/coffee cozy etc, they share my card. My husband has also generated some business for me and my dad is already inquiring about me selling some things in the camp store where he works! I tried a FB ad once when there was a free code, and I saw an increase in shop views, but didn't notice any sales from it. My next tactic is to try a YouTube video. I have seen some Etsians talk about them, so I am going to give it a try. It's free, so why not?

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