Sunday, October 17, 2010

Team Interview: Best Halloween Costume

Q: What was your best Halloween costume?

Go Against the Grain- I'm actually hoping to make this year my best one ever. Bust since I don't have a picture yet, I'll share last year's! I was little red riding hood, complete with basket of real baked goods :) We all dressed up for work, it was a lot of fun.

Bella Mia Bows n Things- My favorite halloween costume was when I was about 19 or 20, I think. I was working at target, so i decided to go as a Target Guestcard =)

I took 2 pieces of red poster board and I made the front look like the front of the guestcard and the back I made to look like the back of the guestcard. I had every detail down to the tiniest thing. Then I put the two together with ribbon, I think, and put it on so I was a walking guestcard.

I won the contest that year at target for best costume

Four Harp Designs- My 1st grade costume was my favorite. I dressed up as a Cabbage Patch Kid (still in the patch). I remember my mom spending hours upon hours sewing it for me - complete with a little "patch hat" and leaves to cover my shoes. She even ironed on a Cabbage Patch Kids logo. I loved wearing it!


Belle Papillon Designs- My best costume ever was a California Raisin. I think it must have been 1987 or 88. My mom took a huge purple t-shirt and sewed tucks in it all the way around. Then we stuffed the inside with newspaper and grocery bags. We painted my face purple, and then I pulled the neck of shirt over my head (Beavis and Butthead style, though this was long before they were on TV). Paired that with leggings, white gloves, and hi-top Chucks, and I won the costume contest at my afterschool program!

Blush Printables- I have two favorite costumes.

In 1988 I was a witch. Yes, I went trick or teating with a broom in one hand and a my little pony in the other.
In 1991, I was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz which is my favorite movie EVER. My nana sewed my costume & even bought me red shoes that we put glitter on. My brother was the cowardly lion that year.

Swish Designs- One year (about 1998 or so), me and all my friends went as the cast from
Austin Powers (the first movie). A couple of the guys bought their costumes
but my girlfriend and I made the fembot costumes. We won first place in a
costume contest. My 2nd favorite costume was in about 1996ish - I made a
cat woman costume. I had found a mask at a costume shop and rented the movie
and painstakingly drew the costume out on a black lycra full body suit. It
was super cute - didn't win first place though - my roommate did!!!

mary*mule- I was Pippi Longstocking in 4th grade. My dad bent a wire coat hanger around my head and my mom braided my hair around it so my pigtails stuck out. I had mismatched clothes too.
I won 2nd place in a costume contest at the grocery store.

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